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Format Guidelines for Submissions to OPREE

The primary focus of OPREE is the religious situation in former socialist countries of Eastern (and central) Europe and the former Soviet Union, during the socialist and post-socialist period. Events and developments prior to the socialist experience should be provided only in so far as it is needed to understand what happened after the communist take-over or after the collapse of the communist system. Quality, relevant articles of any length or word count will be considered.

Please compose your submitted document using Microsoft Word, if possible.

The length of the paper would usually be between 4 and 30 pages (1000 to 10000 words).

Use Times Roman, 12 point. 1-inch margins, justified. 1.5 or double spaced lines. Indent paragraphs by 5 spaces.

If you use subheadings, they should be in bold, with a single line of whitespace before and after.

Footnotes should adhere to Chicago Style (as it is know is the U.S. Also known as “Classical Style”). Notes should be placed at the bottom of the page in 10 point and should contain the first and last name of the author, the italicized title of the publication, (in parenthesis the place of publication: publisher, date) and the page number(s)—p. and pp. For repeated footnotes use either the abbreviation “Ibid.” or the last name of the author (either with op.cit. or without it) and page number.

Please include with your submission a brief biographical note (3-5 sentences), which should be placed directly after the title and author’s name upon publication. Include your present position, educational experience, and any relevant publications or experiences.

We will not contact you regarding issues of grammatical or formal editing. However, you will be contacted with any possible concerns regarding the content of the submission, such as factual accuracy and clarity of the author’s meaning.

There are no hard and fast deadlines for submission. Publication is sporadic but consistent. A new issue is released with the acquisition and editing of every three or four articles.

This publication is entirely a labor of love. OPREE neither receives nor pays out financial compensation for contribution or involvement. The intellectual fulfillment of contributing is its own reward.

For previous issues see //digitalcommons.georgefox.edu/ree/”>http://digitalcommons.georgefox.edu/ree/.