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Handwritten letter from Herbert Hoover to Amanda Woodward, July 11, 1899 written from China.

"Mrs. Ezra Woodward,

Newberg, Oregon

Dear Mrs. Woodward; Your letter of last November (!) has now traveled around the globe once and a half times. Then through the interior of China until I have it at last today.

I remember very well indeed the many kindnesses at your hands in my small boy days at Newberg and indeed needed them.

It is true that I have been somewhat successful financially but fear rumors of such things get distorted in traveling and I am pictures as rolling in wealth that does not exist.

I do enjoy a large salary but with it have a very considerable position to mantain [sp] socially and I am not independent in matters of support to others - for now six people are in various American Universities at my expense.

I have always felt a kindly interest in the Newberg college and recognize the good which is accomplished in the general educational scheme of my country and I know the unusual merit of its faculty - whose stamp of self sacrificing man we all recognize as rare indeed. And I would be only too glad to offer any help possible but to do so at present is out of the question I regret to say.

I am at present Cheif Engineer to the Chinese Government Department of Mines and my work keeps me far our of reach of mail for a great portion of the time. I have a home here (Tientsin) and another in Peking the Capital and still another in PaPaHo on the sea coast. All travels in the interior must be done on horse back or sedan chair or houseboat and on account of the anti-foreign feeling generating from unwise missionaries is not very pleasurable. The last time I have a guard of a company of soldiers and got through successfully. I often think of Newberg and its people and often tell my wife of my days there.

I am sincerely your

H.C. Hoover

Tientsin China

July 5, 1899"


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Tientsin, China


Herbert Hoover, Pacific College, Amanda Woodward, China, Correspondence

Herbert Hoover to Amanda Woodward, July 5, 1899



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