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Asian American Christians carry within them a triple consciousness by being Asian, American, and Christian. Being Christian specifically means being a pilgrim bound for the Promised Land. The Asian American pilgrim preacher’s message issues from this triple consciousness and from a spirit of postcolonial liberation. Such a preacher’s message is therefore a declaration or assurance of God’s liberative promise of the Promised Land for Asian Americans, the Land already being realized here and now in the foreign land. By being this-earthly and other-worldly, the pilgrim preacher’s message is synthetic-ethical in nature. This article shows that the triple consciousness is a further development of biblical and Augustinian idea/ideals of the Christian believer’s pilgrimage.


Originally published as a book chapter in Homiletic Theology Project, vol. 3, David Jacobsen ed. (Wipf & Stock, 2018)

Used by permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers.