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Do you struggle with your prayer life? I do, and I think most people do as well. Jesus challenged his disciples in the garden: Could you not wait with me [in prayer] one hour? I have trouble with five minutes! If you’re like me, upon entering a time of personal prayer you might find your mind wandering or yourself thinking about the demands of the day. Things to do, concerns about loved ones, pressures of the day, a twinge of guilt about an insensitive remark or a selfish deed —these distractions interrupt my prayer time; I imagine I’m not alone. But what if these distractions are actually the most pressing items we need to lift to God in Paul Anderson on April 4, 2018 Topics: Prayer Spiritual Disciplines prayer? Perhaps our inward “distractions” are the very things we need to offer back to God as a life-based outline of a prayer agenda.


Originally published in Renovare on April 4, 2018.

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