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The Religious Society of Friends emerged in great synergy with "the Seekers" of Northwest England three-and-a-half centuries ago, and they still have a great deal to offer the seekers of the 21st Century. In a day and age where more and more young people are registering as "none" when it comes to their religious affiliation, there nonetheless abides a deep hunger for spiritual reality, which some religious institutions fail to deliver. Because a Quaker spirituality of education envisions the classroom as "a meeting for worship in which learning is welcome," the quest for truth is a part of all disciplines, with student and teacher alike seeking to be led into liberating truth by the Present Teacher, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life On. 14:6). In that sense, it is not only the student and instructor who seek the truth, but each one is also being sought by the Master-as Rufus Jones described it: A Double Search. Seeking the truth and being found by it was the calling of early Friends, and it continues to be the vocation of contemporary Friends whatever tradition they embrace and whatever the context in which they serve.


Originally published in Befriending Truth: Quaker Perspectives, Quakers and the Disciplines 2, Jeffrey Dudiak, ed. (Longmeadow, MA: Full Media Services, 2015).

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