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Excerpt: "This book has been stewing inside of me for a long time. When I was sixteen years old, I sat in a living room in Round Rock, Texas at a Young Life meeting and heard a college kid tell the story of Hosea and Gomer and then say, "God loves us like that." I'd never heard anything like that and I now know that Hosea was not a story regularly told in Young Life. I have no idea why my Young Life leader chose it. Regardless, that image has stuck in my head for almost thirty years.

Other experiences along the way; in ministry, my personal life, my life with my family or books that I have read have lodged themselves in my mind as well. Together they have formed a sort of stew brewing in the crockpot of my head and my heart. This book is an attempt to communicate what has come from all of that."


This article was originally an artifact submitted to the faculty of George Fox Evangelical Seminary in candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Ministry.

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