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Excerpt: "He grieved her loss. Without a word, she'd walked out on him after eight years of marriage. He didn't even have a clue that the relationship had been growing intolerable for her. Sure, they had their problems, but didn't all relationships? It just caught him totally unaware, and now there was nothing he could do to retrieve, let alone rebuild the relationship. The way she left had not only put an end to what had been, but he felt it also closed the door to future possibilities. Her "No!" was final. Their future was nil. The investments they'd made in each other were now lost. Relational bankruptcy! Through the shock, the only thing he could feel was a dull sense of desperate pain-the sort of choking feeling you get when you try to swallow a couple of dry aspirin without water. He felt like weeping ... if he could just remember how."


Originally published by Evangelical Friends Alliance, "Evangelical Friend, January/February 1994 (Vol. 27, No. 3)" (1994). Evangelical Friend. 244.