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Excerpt: "In the last couple of years I have had several encounters with pastors and lay-leaders of Friends meetings who have been overwhelmingly impressed with a particular new hymnal. My interest was further · sparked when I discovered that the committee in search of a hymnal replacement for the meeting at which I serve had adopted this same hymnal as its first choice. Last month we accepted the committee's proposal and adopted Hymns for the Family of God as the new hymnal for our small, rural Indiana meeting.

After looking through the hymnal I was so impressed by the variety of the selection, the quality of the type and layout, the innovative format, and the great potential for use that I sought out one of the key members of the editorial board, Bill Gaither, of Alexandria, Indiana, who is so well known in the field of Gospel Music. Having written some 300 songs within the last twenty years, Bill Gaither is likely to be considered the greatest hymnwriter of the '70's. He is an authority on Christian music, and it was an honor to interview him concerning the hymnal that he and others worked so hard to produce. The interview went like this: "


Originally published in Quaker Life, May 1980.

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