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Excerpt: "The first step into something new often looks like trust, not clarity. I began to discover the meaning of those words when I packed up everything I owned and moved from Oregon to the jungles of Vanuatu. Never heard of it? Neither had I when my pastor invited me to go. "It will be great," he said. "You'll be teaching a group of college-aged students who come from all over the country to learn." Impulsive, in my early twenties, and evidently ready for adventure, I said yes, then hurried to the store to pick up a map. I spent forty-five minutes searching for Vanuatu. Assuming it was in Africa, my eyes scoured the continent. Finally, I realized Vanuatu is nowhere near Africa. It's a group of eighty-two islands in the South Pacific, about 750 miles from Fiji. Still totally clueless, I said my goodbyes and got on a plane, about to begin one of the most exciting and unforgettable seasons of my life."


Taken from When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt by Dominic Done, Copyright © 2019 by Dominic Done.

ISBN: 978-1400207763

Used by permission of Thomas Nelson.

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