Paul Anderson

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Excerpt: "While Christians believe in the resurrection of Christ, too few have taken seriously what it means to live under His present leadership. In fact, the implications of believing in the resurrected Lord may be among the most neglected aspects of the Christian faith! Such neglect was one of the factors that spurred the missionary zeal of George Fox and other early Friends, who sought to spread the Gospel of the living Lord to all parts of the earth, Christian and otherwise. The world still needs this message today, at Easter time and always. As George Fox put it in 1661,

Dwell in the Power of Truth . . . every one in your Measures ... feeling and knowing the Lord's Power everyone in yourselves ... that you may sit down in your own possession of everlasting Life.

In that meet together, waiting upon the Lord. In it keep your meetings, where you may feel the Chief Shepherd leading you into pastures of Life. And so, the blessing of the Lord be with you!"


Originally published in Evangelical Friends Alliance, "Evangelical Friend, March/April 1990 (Vol. 23, No. 7/8)" (1990). Evangelical Friend. 225.