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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Elizabeth Boatwright

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Dan Brunner

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Donna Wallace


Growing numbers of Baby Boomers are experiencing a transformation in their values, perspectives, and beliefs. As a result, they no longer fit in their churches. This dissertation proposes that, for many, this is an indication of healthy spiritual growth from the First to the Second Half of Life. This is not a problem to resist or fix; it is growth to celebrate, adjust for, and enter into.

Section One develops a typology of the First and Second Halves of Life based on work by Richard Rohr, James Hollis, John W. Fowler, and Ken Wilber.

Section Two describes the Baby Boomers cohort. It proposes that several characteristics of Baby Boomers prepare them for transition into the Second Half of Life. It further proposes that Baby Boomers are entering a time of life that invites transition to the Second Half of Life.

Section Three proposes that churches oriented to the First Half of Life will continue to lose resonance with Boomers in the Second Half of Life. As a result, Boomers will continue to withdraw their involvement from churches. It calls for innovative scholars, churches, and Baby Boomers to understand, accept, nurture, and incorporate values, perspectives, and beliefs in the Second Half of Life into the life of the Church.

Sections Four and Five introduce and describe an artifact, a product created to address the perspective, challenge, and solutions proposed in this dissertation. The author chose to design and launch a multi-year blogging project to help Baby Boomers and churches explore, understand, and respond wisely to the challenge and potential of transition from the First to Second Half of Life.

Section Six reflects on the completed project.

An Appendix includes beginning blog content, screen shots, and a link to the blog.

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