Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Clifford Berger, DMin

Second Advisor

Sarita Gallagher, PhD

Third Advisor

Jason Clark, DMin


The increasing ethnic and lingual diversity of the City of Richardson in north Texas is a microcosm of a social trend observed in the United States and around the globe. This demographic shift has propelled Ethnos Bible Church to pursue a multiethnic church model, yet, Ethnos does not understand the unique components of a culturally relevant multiethnic church. Therefore, this dissertation seeks to answer one question: What are the key components that Ethnos Bible Church needs to implement in order to cultivate a culturally relevant multiethnic church poised for ministry impact? This research reveals that although the current degree of ethnic diversity in the United States is unprecedented, the multiethnic church model is not a contemporary phenomenon. Rather, it is rooted in the early church. Based on biblical, theological, sociological, and linguistic studies, this research identifies and analyzes four key components in the ministry of a culturally relevant multiethnic church. First, the church counteracts the social narrative of segregation. Second, the church cultivates an identity of inclusion, embodying the vertical and horizontal reconciliation that flows from the Gospel. Third, the church implements a multilingual platform that communicates hospitality and transcendence by embracing the lingual diversity of the community. Fourth, the church develops a leadership team characterized by ethnic diversity and cultural intelligence. I intend to use the findings of my research to design a ministry blueprint that will help Ethnos Bible Church become a culturally relevant multiethnic church poised for ministry impact.

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