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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Karen Tremper, PhD

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Pablo Morales, DMin

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Jason Clark, PhD, DMin


The problem that this dissertation seeks to address is that in an increasingly diverse society, Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA) churches do not reflect the true racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the changing context in which they are located. This paper explores how PCUSA churches in American suburban areas can better understand themselves in order to be equipped to engage with an increasingly multicultural and globalized environment. The future health and witness of PCUSA churches will be enhanced and deepened through actively learning about cultural differences and preparing members and leaders to do ministry faithfully into the years ahead.

Section 1 of the Written Statement will describe the problem and the opportunity. This will be substantiated through demographic data, storytelling, and scholarly insights. This section will help the reader appreciate the issues involved from a variety of academic sources.

Section 2 will explore and analyze a variety of ways that churches have already thought about or worked on this issue. From ignoring the problem, to letting it dominate the discussion, churches have struggled with how best to respond to issues of race and ethnicity throughout the years.

Section 3 will propose that through intentional leadership with a commitment to change, courageous conversations about race and culture, and engaging community building practices, PCUSA and other mainline churches could become more culturally diverse and vibrant.

Section 4 will describe an artifact, a workshop and presentation, which will bring these ideas and solutions into the hands of local churches and leaders. This section will show why this workshop material will be so vital for congregations who seek to engage with the changing world around them.

Section 5 will further explain and demonstrate how the artifact will be used in a practical way. The desired outcome of this work is that there would be a greater future flourishing for PCUSA and other mainline churches as they engage with the growing multicultural context of the United States of America (USA) today.

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