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Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



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Christine Roush, DMin

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MaryKate Morse, PhD


Jesus said to his followers, “Go, make disciples of all nations,” and, “I will build my Church.”1 Through fifty years of emphasis on church growth, it would seem these roles have been reversed with pastors more focused on building big churches than equipping “the saints for the work of the ministry.”2 It begs the question, “Do we use people to grow the church instead of the church to grow the people?”

This dissertation focuses on the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG) which has been affected by this mindset and now faces an aging ministerium and fewer potential young leaders for the future. The opportunity before the ICFG is to realign the organization to its founding missiology of discipling and equipping people over a lifetime to be on mission with God through the cultivation of a growth culture.

Section one describes the historical narrative of the ICFG and the problem facing the denomination. Section two describes other proposed solutions that have been discussed during various reformation processes the ICFG has engaged. Section three proposes a culture shift with five collective culture markers and three individual culture markers. Section four describes the artifact, an implementation strategy for the ICFG project, Cultivating a Disciple-Centric Growth Culture, objectives and outcomes. It provides actions steps, resources to be utilized, and a timeline for implementation. Section five articulates the specifications for the artifact. Section six summarizes this research and recommends further areas of study. It reflects on how the dissertation process encouraged and clarified this dissertation author’s personal growth and sense of assignment.3

1 See Matt. 28:19 and Matt. 16:18, respectively. Biblical references are taken from the NET unless specified otherwise.

2 Eph. 4:12, NRSV.

3 My current role in the ICFG is Vice President – Sr. Director of Leader Culture + Care


On August 29 2022, this degree of Doctor of Ministry with a concentration in Leadership and Global Perspectives (DMin) was exchanged for a Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd), with the approval of George Fox University, ATS, and NWCCU.

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