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Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)



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Stephen Delamarter

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Kent L. Yinger


This paper considers the possibility of an intended messianic reading at Isaiah 52: 14 in the Great Isaiah Scroll (lQisaa) in light of the New Testament's presentation of Jesus as the suffering Messiah. Such a reading may evince a connection on the part of the scribe between the vicarious suffering of the servant of the LORD and a messianic figure. The plausibility of a messianic reading is considered through analysis of the text, followed by an exploration of the likelihood that such a connection would have been made on the basis of what we can discern of the Qumran community's ideology. The findings are not definitive, however they do present the possibility that the servant of Isaiah 52: 13-53: 12 was connected with a messianic expectation in a segment of Judaism prior to the Christian interpretation.

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