Eric K. Baker

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Loren Kerns

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Clifford Berger

Third Advisor

David McDonald


It is my claim that multiple expressions of worship gatherings must be created to connect generations to Jesus. Worship "services" are the face of many churches, but according to recent studies many people are leaving the American church at a rapid rate.1 Many issues surrounding the decline of the American church exist, but my claim is that many young adults feel disconnected from many Sunday morning worship experiences. Many have attempted to fix this problem by creating evangelistic ministry teams, by moving churches from the mega church model to the house church model, and even by removing the mass gathering of members from the church experience altogether. I claim, in a fast-changing culture, churches must constantly create or provide fresh worship experiences, rooted in Biblical truth, to reach each succeeding generation. A one-dimensional church typically reaches one generation or target audience. In an attempt to create a solution, I was given permission to create a new worship experience under the umbrella of Hillvue Heights Church called the Gathering. This paper and project will explore the Gathering's purpose and provide resources for the local community as well as resources for pastors who desire to create new expressions of worship within their existing churches. The project portion of this dissertation is a website providing information about the Gathering and resources for spiritual formation of those who attend. The website provides sermons, resources, and a calendar, etc., for community growth.

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