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Section 1 of this paper describes the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia's (DRCN) problems, uncertainty, and loss of direction because neglects God's mission. As a rule, the DRCN has lost members and credibility and cares more about itself than the suffering Namibian society. Because and the DCRN lost its connection with the missio Dei, Namibian socio-economical problems increased and created a huge gap between the DRCN and Namibian society. The DCRN has little impact on major sociological issues. The DRCN can address these realities by rediscovering imago Dei theology and the missio Dei. This change will bridge the gap between the church and the suffering society. Sections 2 and 3 describe proposed solutions to the problem and this paper's thesis. The DRCN adopted the "missional church" as a solution; however, it operated wrong motives and points of departure and, as a result, became disconnected from missio Dei. This paper's thesis is that imago Dei as missio Dei will help the DRCN regain the missio Dei, extend its arms outside church, and proclaim the new humanity in Christ as God's message. Imago Dei as missio Dei is a fluid, fresh, fragrant, and fulfilling relational solution that reaches out with love to the people of Namibia. Section 4 of this paper describes the formation and structure of Imago Dei Incorporated and Association Not for Gain (Imago Dei) as a public organization. Imago Dei will serve as a bridge between the "Community of Need" and the "Community of Means." The association will help build a new humanity and bring wholeness, human dignity, and hope to the broken people of Namibia. Section 5 introduces the Imago Dei association's marketing plan. The marketing plan identifies the needs of target markets and the association's planned responses to actual and potential buyers of Imago Dei services. Imago Dei' s goal is to provide customer satisfaction effectively and efficiently. Section 6 summarizes of all the Imago Dei projects, and the appendix includes Imago Dei's marketing plan and letters from the Council of Churches in Namibia and the Dutch Reformed Church Namibia.


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