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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Charles Conniry, Ph.D.

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Larry Shelton, Th.D.


The purpose of this dissertation is to present a biblical, historical and personal theology on the theme of eschatological deception with the intent of serving the people of God in Jesus Christ through educational ministries that address this concern in a balanced, contemporary manner. Given Christendom's universal epistemological allegiances, a biblical theology is first presented. The Word of God continues to be that blessed lamp unto our path. After a simple exegetical consideration of key pertinent passages that speak to this theme of deceit, a brief but sufficient historical sketch of specific end-time themes relating to deception will follow. Both secular and spiritual movements will be cited, including present examples of authority voices currently promoting biblically defined deceptions predicted to occur before the return of Jesus Christ. Theological address is an existential endeavor. Putting to use recent insight so as to avoid neglect of a crucial portion of the whole, a personal theology is presented, including correct doctrine, appropriate passion and resolve to be of pragmatic good to our world. The inclusion of this more personal element has been given restored participation in the pursuit of truth as a result of the positive fruit of "Postmodernity." This continues to be a good thing, especially when proper authority is given to the means God uses to speak to us concerning Himself and His ways. The final section takes the commitment to do, a step further. Having firm biblical foundation articulating clear end-time deceptions, citing strong justification from recent history and present culture (that these very deceptions are present today), and confessing a personal theology affirming the above and zeal toward addressing this current affair, an action plan is surely warranted. A specific ten-year ministry plan emphasizing education about these concerns is then outlined, putting to use major vehicles through which the crucial information can be shared. May our precious God most high-the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit-alone be glorified in this practical response to His revelation to us in these days prior to the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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