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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Charles Conniry, Ph.D.

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Tom Johnson, Ph.D.


The purpose of this dissertation is to develop a protocol for assessing and developing spiritual formation among schools affiliated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in North America.

Problem: A paradigm that is deeply rooted in scripture, practical theology, and an understanding of spiritual formation is needed to assess programs for spiritual formation of traditional college students.

1. What is the need within its context? Articulates why a need exists among schools of Council for Christian Colleges and Universities? I will describe the historical context and provide original research from forty-two CCCV schools.

2: What is the approach to the problem? Practical theology is asserted as the proper approach and is helpfully nuanced by the work of practitioners, Don Browning, Thomas Groome, and Howard Snyder whose work suggests comprehensive paradigms for understanding spiritual formation.

3: What is spiritual formation? Since spiritual formation among evangelical colleges is the desired outcome for a program review, Dallas Willard, Richard Foster and Eugene Peterson and others provide an evangelical understanding of spiritual development, what it is and how it happens.

4: What is spiritual formation among university students? Developmental theories of James Fowler and the teachings of Sharon Parks and Steve Garber provide a structure for understanding the faith development of traditional college students. I will articulate sixteen premises and their implications for effective campus ministry.

5: What methodologies are appropriate for a campus ministry program review? The nature of a valid assessment of spiritual formation is articulated. Elements of a campus ministry program review are outlined. In order to develop an effective paradigm, a review of program assessment tools from congregational reviews, as well as campus ministry practices among CCCV campus pastors are reviewed. This chapter defines appropriate steps and gives an overview of the actual audit.

6: What is a protocol for a campus program audit? I will offer a detailed step-by-step strategy for an effective program review, including actual questions and sample data-gathering instruments.

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