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This exploratory study sought to examine the roles of values clarification and consensus in the process of creating shared values within an organizational subculture. In particular. this study examined the effects the utilization of consensus and values clarification had on the level of member-group value congruency and the affective variables (general job satisfaction, group cohesion, and organizational commitment), which have been positively associated with person-organization fit. Using an organizational subculture composed of 125 individuals. this study treated person-group fit. job satisfaction. commitment, and group cohesion as dependent variables with respect to the independent variables: interventions A and B. Intervention A consisted of a group shared values creation exercise utilizing only a group consensus process. Intervention B was a group shared values creation exercise utilizing both a process of personal values clarification and group consensus. Increased levels of value congruence, satisfaction, commitment or cohesion with either method used to create shared values would suggest a positive outcome as a result of the intervention. Results for both interventions indicated little impact on groups with strong cultures and high pre-existing levels for the affective variables under consideration. Findings also indicated this research should be pursued further using larger samples and more heterogeneous populations, and that additional variables should be examined.