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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

First Advisor

Dr. Eloise Hockett

Second Advisor

Dr. Linda Samek

Third Advisor

Dr. Scot Headley


How Kenyan principals engage cross-culturally may provide applicable approaches for others in education. This study sought to examine how Kenyan principals navigate the complexities of working in such a diverse country as Kenya, with over 40 native tribes. Through the interview process the principals shared their many challenges working cross-culturally, but more importantly, what strategies and approaches they use to navigate these complex relationships. This study also examined how these strategies and approaches align with the current cultural frameworks; cultural competence, cultural intelligence and cultural humility. The findings show that Kenyan principals use multiple approaches that align with all three of the frameworks, but most notably with cultural humility. This finding highlights the importance of more research in the study of cross-cultural collaboration and the cultural frameworks.