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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

First Advisor

Dr. Karen Buchanan

Second Advisor

Dr. Patrick Allen

Third Advisor

Dr. Dane Joseph


Given the stakes regarding parent involvement, satisfaction, and choice in international schools, information regarding the measurement of parent perception and experience is highly desirable. Though International Schools of China (ISC) collected data from parents annually, little was known about the survey instrument. Therefore, this study examined the psychometric properties—the underlying latent structure and internal reliability—of the ISC Parent Survey. Using existing data obtained from the 2014 collection cycle (N=309), an exploratory factor analysis was conducted on 72 likert-scale items. Results from this study identified 13 (including 11 well-defined and internally consistent) factors that measure various concepts of parent experience in an international school community. Each of the factors aligned well with previous literature on parent involvement, satisfaction, and choice, and the results of this study may indeed be the first of its kind. In addition, ISC leadership now has specific steps to improve the further development and use of their parent survey. Furthermore, the findings of this study reveal a need for international schools to reevaluate the way that they engage parents. With so many additional overlapping spheres of influence in the international school setting, schools must focus on examining parent experience through each parents’ cultural lens. The identified constructs, such as school respect for parents, academics, leadership, and communication, that were discovered in this study may aid international schools in learning how to build better parent and school partnerships.