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2nd Generation Students Spring 1964? - April 1964

(Row 1 - Third Generation) Kenneth Simmons, Nancy Nordyke, Cheryl Morse, Juanita Astleford; not pictured - D? Nordyke, Robert Craven. (Row 2 - Second Generation Students) Jon Bishop, Brian Beals, Kent Thornburg, Howard Macy, Dean Thompson, John Baker. (Row 3) Evangeline Green, Jacquelyn Smitherman, Marcia Dillon, Suzanne Harmon, Patricia Hill, Roberta George, Joyce Roberts, Karen Thornburg. (Row 4) Phyllis McCracken, Linda Gulley, Carolyn Hampton, Mary Alice Hampton, Mary Church, Margaret Church, Ann Thornburg, Raelene Barnes, Carolyn Harmon. (Not Pictured) Marion Clarkson, Judy Gail, Carol Hobbs, Marilyn Hill, Philip Morrill, Dale Rinard, James Sandy, Harold Thomas, Lois White, James Hamilton.


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