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Letter from the Editor


I am very pleased and quite excited to introduce this issue of the ICCTE Journal to you this spring. The ICCTE-J is completing its twelfth year of publication and this issue marks the beginning of a new era for us. During the fall of 2017, the editorial team investigated the migration of our journal site from a self-managed WordPress site to a new site, hosted on the Digital Commons, powered by bepress (https://www.bepress.com/products/digital-commons/). With the endorsement of the ICCTE Board, we have migrated the journal to this new Digital Commons site. This platform offers several advantages. It brings more stability to the journal, enhanced search capabilities and exposure through Google, periodic reports to authors, and enhanced analytics on readership; all while maintaining our own organizational identity and independence. As you investigate the current issue, you will notice that the look and feel remains quite similar to our previous site. The most significant change for the reader is our choice to abandon the html format as the primary medium for each article, moving to an abstract on the site with a downloadable pdf file for each article, essay, and review. We still retain our Creative Commons Copyright license and ISSN.