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Wooden plaque, hand carved- figures of three people, one sitting, two standing. On the back: the name Choate is carved, and there is a pen sketch of a person, along with a location: Rurerekana Razard Myabira-Ba Burundi. The design is that of a witch doctor in his house. He holds a ground rattle in his hand and a cap on his head. Before him is a woman with a sick baby on her back and a gourd with which to dip water for the baby. Her husband is with her. His hand on the back of his head shows sorrow which means that they think the baby will die. The witch doctor has a charm in his upraised hand. Ralph & Esther Choate were missionaries in Burundi under Kansas yearly meeting of Friends for many years. These objects came from Burundi . Ralph Choate is the brother of Milered Beals. This may have been carved by a student in a class.


Museum, Artifact, Northwest Yearly Meeting Artifacts