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Bold new plan for church growth
"Growing local churches, denominational leaders, and seminaries must all reevaluate their strategy." Cover and page 2

What will be new in '72?,
Ann Landers' word to pastors. Page 5.

1971 - Religion in review
"Kingdom against kingdom" is Norman Rohrer's way of describing what happened in the religious world last year. Page 6

Missionary Voice
The "Missionaries" - who are they? 10
Your missionary picture album 11
East meets West 15
God nudges a sleepy traveler 15
Significant developments on the fields 16

If the foundation be destroyed
Walter Lee puts a finger on a delicate problem. Page 20

News of Friends
New president named for Malone College 22
Quaker named "Oregon Teacher of the Year" 24

On Russian worship today
Reflections of a visit with Russian Christians. Page 22

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Over the Teacup 17
The Children's Page 18
Books 23

Next Month
Do Friends have distinctive views regarding funerals? Eugene Collins will present, "A Christian view of death."

Dr. Everett Cattell, retiring president of Malone College, will share his concern for the future mission of the Christian college . .. and the Friends Church.


Northwest Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, January 1972 (Vol. 5, No. 5)