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From the Managing Editor
A look into your magazine - with testimonies, reactions, dreams, and possible projections for the future. Page 2

Religious balance (a look at current phenomena in the church),
Describing your church. Page 5

Authentic fire
Southwest Regional Editor Verlin O. Hinshaw, professor at Friends University, addresses himself to the strengthening of the local church. Page 6

'Situation Ethics'
"Christians ... must clearly state ... how Christ's teachings are principles of guidance for a dismayed generation wandering in a moral fog." Page 8

'Friends Alive' winners
The George Fox Press Christian Education Consultant reports on winners in the "Friends Alive" project and introduces "Friends Alive - Phase II." Page 9

Missionary Voice
1969--the year of the American Indian 10
Rough Rock Friends Mission 10
Proper Preparations 12
This month's significant developments 12
His Church 13
Friends in the Mission scene 14

Smoking -- good, bad, or indifferent
Some physical and scriptural reasons why smoking should not be a part of the dedicated Christian's life. Page 16

Regular features
The Face of the World 4
Friends Write 4
Reach and Teach 15
Over the Teacup 17
The Children's Page 18
Books 19


Northwest Supplement

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, October 1971 (Vol. 5, No. 2)