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News of Friends
EFA Task Force Committee continues study sessions,
Quaker Theological Discussion Group to meet in July,
Other news of Friends. Page 2

The growing tree
As many as 70 percent of Friends teens find Christ at camp - an awesome responsibility and a great opportunity for all camp workers. Page 5

Outdoor Christian experiences
The natural situations found in the out-of-doors call for natural responses by people to Bible truths. Page 7

Spiritual emphasis in a Christ-centered camp
The Christ-centered camp does not depend on program or facilities alone, but on Christ-centered people. Page 8

When the faith of my father became mine
A Colorado homemaker recalls the faith of her father and how this recollection brought her new peace with God. Page 9

Missionary Voice
Pastors' short course -
African version 10
CEEFI Conference 12
This month's significant developments 13
Another way for young people to serve 13

Life's big job
"Human nature ... won't gravitate to the service of Jesus Christ any more than water will run up hill." Page 14

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
Over the Teacup 15
Reach and Teach 16
The Children's Page 18
Books 19


Northwest Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, June 1971 (Vol. 4, No. 10)