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News of Friends
Portland Friend named Oregon Mother of the Year
Other news of Friends. Page 2

Happiness is homemade
Friends ARE involved. Page 5

Can we treat children like people?
"In our total concern for our children's welfare, we parents get a glimpse into the depths of God's grace." Page 6

A Christian home
A milk deliveryman from Canton, Ohio, reveals from his heart and experience the elements of a Christian home. Page 9

31 flavors of Christians
"In reality, the church's confrontation with the real world in the 20th century has been minimal." Page 10

A church planting adventure
A Friends church has grown from zero to 700 in 10 years--with no core of Quakers! How did they do it? Page 12

Missionary Voice
Get off at Jhansi Junction 13
New life for all 15
Significant developments on the fields 15

The church-related school
The president of Friends University discusses the problems and their solutions of the church-related college. Page 16

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Friends Write 4
Over the Teacup 8
Reach and Teach 17
The Children's Page 18
Books 19


Northwest Supplement


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, May 1971 (Vol. 4, No. 9)