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Forgiveness and Calvary
"If He had not endured Calvary, if He had not died there for our sins, we could never know the blessings of forgiveness." Page 5

The message of the cross
As Passion Week approaches, the minds of Christians are directed to the central message of our holy faith. Page 6

Missionary Voice
Disappointed 8
Delivered from demonic powers 9
Evangelism in India today 10

A pictorial report from WRC
Young Friends continue to serve Christ and their fellow men through the World Relief Commission. Page 14

The foster home as a service
"Foster parents are neither saints nor ogres. They are people who care about children and their future." Page 16

Regular features
The Face of the World 4
Reach and Teach 12
The Children's Page 13
Books 18
Over the Teacup 20


Ohio Supplement
Southwest Supplement
Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, March 1970 (Vol. 3, No. 7)