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The soaring '70s: a church growth era?
"Let every church give serious thought and study to its objectives and priorities ... for the decade of the '70s." Page 5

The church relevant to youth
"Youth with their great potential offer to the Friends Church the greatest opportunity of any generation." Page 6

Missionary Voice
'Project Christina' 10
Just a bowl of rice 12
Impressions 13
Opportunities for service 13

Outreach through Christian camping
One Friend who attended November's Christian Camping International Convention reports on its challenges and ideas. Page 16

A sparrow's eyeview
Oregon Yearly Meeting's first writers' conference is interestingly reviewed by an aspiring writer. Page 18

Regular Features
The Face of the World 2
News of Friends 4
Reach and Teach 14
Friends Write 14
The Children's Page 15
Over the Teacup 16


Southwest Supplement
Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement
Ohio Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, January 1970 (Vol. 3, No. 5)