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To 'stir us up' and 'shake us loose'
The editor urges Friends to act on specific bold proposals now being brought before the Evangelical Friends Alliance. Page 5

Leadership in the Friends Church
"It has become completely clear to many of us that the greatest single need ... is for leadership." Page 6

Missionary Voice
Light from the hills 8
Loyalty First - a memorial to Charles Matti 10
'It will be worth it all' 11

The mission vision
"It is on the mountaintop that we receive the vision. It is in the valley where the vision must be put to practical use." Page 12

A singing success story
How three singing brothers in the Pacific Northwest have brought inspiration to thousands and money for missions. Page 16

Regular Features
The Face of the World 2
Over the Teacup 4
Books 4
The Children's Page 14
Reach and Teach 15


Ohio Supplement
Southwest Supplement
Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, August 1969 (Vol. 2, No. 12)