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Is it time for Friends to 'get with it'?
Executive Editor Jack L. Willcuts presents an analytical report of April's EFA conference in Colorado Springs. Page 5

Camping for Christ
Is the church keeping up with the unlimited opportunities found in America's urge to get out-of-doors? Page 6

On selling Edsels-or Mustangs!
"What the church is trying to sell, the Christian Gospel, is not selling wildly. People are not beating down the doors to get into church." Page 10

Growth or death?
The first in a series of concerns as expressed by superintendents of various Friends yearly meetings. Page 12

They're building in Omaha
A report of the progress of the Evangelical Friends Alliance church extension project at Omaha, Nebraska. Page 13

Missionary Voice
Confusion or challenge? 14
Where are our missionary candidates coming from today? 15

Reach and Teach
An overview of the background and purposes of the new Aldersgate Graded Curriculum coming in September. Page 20

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Evangelical Friend, June 1969 (Vol. 2, No. 10)