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Friends in session
A summary of the 1968 sessions of Kansas, Ohio, Rocky Mountain and Oregon Yearly Meetings of Friends. Page 4

Pray and hustle
"It is the serious responsibility of Christian people to influence their environment and all areas of life about them." Page 5

'Write ... and send it'
As the percentage of illiterates lowers, the church must step up its worldwide literature program. Page 7

Where the action is!
The World Relief Commission continues its program of relief, self help, and food-for-work-all with spiritual emphasis. Page 9

Give them this rock!
An active Christian education worker in Ohio urges teachers to give teen-agers a foundation to stand on. Page 10

Missionary Voice
'I know what I am doing' 12
lt's all in the way you look at it 14
New pastor recorded 14
Life in Peru 15

Accent on Friends Youth
Positive dont's 20
Inferiority complex, you say? 21

John and Dorothy Sinton
A long-time acquaintance of these Irish Friends evangelists tells of their ministry and availability. Page 22

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Reach and Teach 8
Over the Teacup 16
Books 16
The Children's Page 18
Pastoral Perspective 19
Friends Write 19


Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement
Southwest Supplement
Ohio Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, October 1968 (Vol. 2, No. 2)