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Preach the Word
"God's Word is always relevant and it needs to be applied to current issues." Page 5

Evangelical Friend: the first anniversary
The curator of a Quaker collection tells the history of the magazines preceding the Evangelical Friend. Page 6

Mission and service
A fresh viewpoint is needed if Friends are to resolve differences of opinion about the importance of mission and service. Page 8

Hand-me-down religion
"We must realize that the only way to keep our young people is to help each of them meet God face to face." Page 9

Missionary Voice
Treasure in earthen vessels 10
Witnessing at home 11
School memories at Rough Rock 12

No records-no history
"We lose contact with our past when we ... are careless about preserving the records upon which history depends." Page 13

Friends in session
A report of the Association of Evangelical Friends conference held at Marion, Indiana, in August. Page 14

Accent on Friends Youth
Friends Inn--an 'in' youth activity 16
What religion means to me 17
Your Ladyship 17
Youth News 17

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Reach and Teach 4
The Children's Page 15
Over the Teacup 18
Books 18
Friends Write 19


Southwest Supplement
Ohio Supplement
Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, September 1968 (Vol. 2, No. 1)