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Can revival come?
With a world in upheaval, is it not time for all of us to reassess and rearrange our priority values? Page 5

The empty tomb
"Much as we cherish His vicarious death, we ever exult at His rising again for our justification and eternal hope." Page 6

The beauty of holiness
"We must experience the power to be before we can experience the power to do." Page 8

The pilgrim heart
Because of the preservation of the Holy Places, the Christian faith is made more meaningful to these Quaker travelers. Page 9

An interview on South America
Answers to questions most often asked about Oregon Yearly Meeting's work in Bolivia and Peru. Page 10

United Mission to Nepal
A brief pictorial story of a cooperative ministry of which Ohio Yearly Meeting is a part. Page 12

Accent on Friends Youth
The EFA Youth Commission brings its Friends Youth Accent to the pages of Evangelical Friend. Page 14

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Evangelical Friend, April 1968 (Vol. 1, No. 8)