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'Is it helpful?'
The editor pleads for a revival of constructive and beneficial literature-in homes, schools, offices, libraries and churches. Page 5

Why a Christian college?
"The need of the Christian college, often called the 'affirming college,' has never been greater in our society than today. Page 7

Discovering the discoverers
Through words and pictures we get a brief view of what our EFA schools and colleges are doing. Page 8

Christian colleges-a survey
The place of higher education in the holiness movement as surveyed by the president of Marion College. Page 12

Stages in modern missions
"Instead of building for permanence, the missionary movement today requires a constant probing action..." Page 13

Life in Burundi Missionaries
Willard and Doris Ferguson tell what it's like ta live and minister in Africa. Page 14

A first in Mexico City
The need for metal bars on the missionary's home leads to the first gospel service for the EFA Mexican Mission. Page 16

EFA Coordinating Council
A general report of the actions taken by EFA Commissions during January's sessions in Omaha. Page 18

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
These Things We Believe 17
The Children's Page 19
Over the Teacup 20
Books 20


Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement
Southwest Supplement
Ohio Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, March 1968 (Vol. 1, No. 7)