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God gives youth
"If youth have questions to ask the church, they should be given a hearing." Page 5

'Follow peace'
"We must honor all our youth who want to be involved meaningfully in a sinful, suffering world." Page 6

Hold that teen-ager!
"The first prerequisite to hold a teen is to win him for Christ." Page 8

Youth speaks out
A youthful Friends pastor from Kansas tells what he likes about his denomination. Page 10

Missionary Voice
An interview on India 12
Camp meeting and dorm life at Rough Rock 13
The Friendly Road 14

Regular Features
The Face of the World 41
Friendly Debate 41
The Children's Page 15
Over the Teacup 16
These Things We Believe 17
Books 18
Friends Write 18


Southwest Supplement
Rocky Mountain Supplement
Ohio Supplement
Northwest Supplement


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, February 1968 (Vol. 1, No. 6)