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Trends in Friends Missions. By Ron Stansell, page 2
What is needed to have a greater influence upon history?

Is Every Christian a Missionary? By Gene Pickard, page 6
What does it mean to be a missionary?

Serving and Growing in Haiti. By Ed Kidd, page 8
Living with the poor builds understanding of needs.

What Makes UBS Unique? By E. Anna Nixon, page 11
Students come to Union Biblical Seminary from Asia and Africa as well as from nearly all the states in India.

Your Ministry of Reconciliation. By Sam Kamaleson, page 13
"Beware of the root of bitterness!"

How to Find Short-term Opportunities. By Roger Wood, page 14
Practical suggestions for first-hand exposure to missions.

A JOYful Story. By Betty M. Hockett, page 16

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Speaking the Truth, 4
Friends Write, 7
Friends Read, 10
What About Our Friends, 19
A Certain Shaft of Light, 28


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Evangelical Friend, May 1987 (Vol. 20, No. 9)