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Tough Issues in Facing Death. By Jeff O'Connor, page 2
What are the differences between causing a person's death and allowing death? Families and individuals will find it advantageous to consider the weighty moral questions regarding death prior to the critical illness of a loved one.

Stopping the Tears. By Grant L. Martin, page 8
Sexual abuse of children is a tragedy that cannot be ignored. Grant Martin presents specific ways you can lower the level of damage.

Helping Persons Choose to Protect Life. By Rhonda Dragomir, page 12
The woman with an unwanted pregnancy must choose between abortion or carrying the child to birth. What are the pressures that cause women to seek abortions? How can we assist in the search for alternatives?

Abortion - Not Just a Woman's Problem. By John W. Oliver, page 15
What are the ways in which men are a part of the problem? How can they become a part of the solution?

Healing Ministry - Our Forgotten Heritage. By Rick Sams, page 16
Why do some people feel uncomfortable when healing is mentioned? What are the three essentials found in Scripture and history of a healing ministry?

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Evangelical Friend, December 1986 (Vol. 20, No. 4)