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Sharing Joy Behind Bars. By Janet Johnston, page 2
Prison ministry - Is God calling you?

A Message for Every Culture. By Ron Stansell, page 6
Christians have a responsibility to think internationally, not nationalistically.

We Can Help Set People Free. By Nancy Jeffers, page 8
Adult children of alcoholics have unique struggles. How can we understand them?

The Barnabas Connection. By Eugene Coffin, page 10
Congregations need encouragement. Where does it come from and what does it do?

Friends Can Be Exceptional. By Robert Hess, page 12
How can our church become exceptional?

Enlisting in the Battle Against Pornography. By Peggy Roberts, page 14
Many segments of society are uniting to fight what is already illegal.

They Hunger in Silence. By Bruce Bibby, page 18
Feeding the hungry is sometimes more than soup and bread.

Are We Neglecting Our Singles? By David Conant, page 28
Does your church suffer from "homophobia"?

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Friends Read, 17
What About Our Friends? 19


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Evangelical Friend, November 1987 (Vol. 21, No. 3)