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Friends Missions
What's happening in the places where Friends have taken the Gospel?
2 - Bolivia
3 - Bolivian Evangelical University, Burundi
7 - Caribbean and Central America (Jamaica, Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico)
8 - China
9 - East Africa (Friends Bible Institute, Turkana, Kaimosi Friends Hospital, Lugulu Friends Hospital, Uganda, Tanzania)
10 - Hong Kong, India
11 - Indonesia, Mexico
12 - Peru, Philippines
13 - Ramallah, Rwanda
14 - Taiwan, U.S.A. (Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs, Chicago Fellowship of Friends, Inner City in Southern California, Rough Rock)

Isaac under the Knife. By Rebecca Ankeny, page 16
What does it cost parents and children to obey Christ's call to missionary service?

Exporting Poison. By Gene Pickard, page 28
Why does our government promote the export of a product we have recognized as a killer?

Regular Features
Speaking the Truth, 4
Out of the Silence, 6
Friends Read, 18
What About Our Friends? 19


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Evangelical Friend, October 1987 (Vol. 21, No. 2)