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The Present Leadership of the Resurrected Lord. By Paul N. Anderson, page 2
Who is making the decisions in your life and in your church?

To Lead Is to Invite Conflict Wisely. By Bernie Wiebe, page 6
What kind of leadership did Jesus model?

Vital Parent Ministry. By David Williams, page 8
Effective youth ministry must include the family.

The Parable of the Blind Man. By Gary Townsend, page 11
Have you been keeping your eyes open during worship?

Christ the Key to Mystery. By Arthur O. Roberts, page 13
The transforming presence of Christ is revealed in nature, society, and ourselves.

Can You Spot the Christian? By Prank Scurry, page 18
When does ten plus one equal three?

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Evangelical Friend, March/April 1990 (Vol. 23, No. 7/8)