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Worship - How Can We Make It Work? By Mary Morse, page 2
Are you dissatisfied with your worship experiences?

First Bolivian Triennial. By Tina Knight, page 7
From meeting place to meals God helped provide in wonderful ways for this premier gathering.

Friends and the Lord's Supper. By Del Coppinger, page 8
Finding the true elements of Christian communion

Ritual in Worship Is Okay. By Rebecca Thomas Ankeny, page 10
Can rituals increase your faith?

Music Belongs in Our Worship. By David J. Howard, page 12
A deeper look at why and how we should sing together

Steps Toward Effective Music in Worship. By Robert N. Ham, page 14
Worshipful music doesn't always just happen. Here are some ways to help it occur in your church.

Finding a Home Among Friends. By Colin Saxton, page 18
What one seeker found with Quakers

Evangelical Friends International Becomes Reality, page 28
Significant decisions made at January meeting

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Speaking the Truth, 4
The Growing Edge, 6
Friends Read, 17
What About Our Friends? 19


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Evangelical Friend, January/February 1990 (Vol. 23, No. 5/6)