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A Tribute to Our Friend Jack. By Arthur O. Roberts, page 2
Reflections on an amazing life

A Time to Reflect on Poverty. By Leonard S. Kenworthy, page 6
Have you really done everything you can?

Thanks, Lord, for My Children. By Tammy Bray, page 8
A peek at ourselves through God's eyes

Thank You, Lord... page 11
A potpourri of blessings

Finding New Life in Christ. By Grace Davis, page 12
Even the disciples had a lot to learn

Models for Church-Pastor Relationships. By Chuck Orwiler, page 14
Balancing the act of the church

Regulare Features
Speaking the Truth, 4
A Certain Shaft of Light, 9
Friends Write, 17
What About Our Friends? 18
Out of the Silence, 28


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, November/December 1989 (Vol. 23, No. 3/4)