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Good News in a Broken World. By Howard R. Macy, page 2
Just what is "Good News" and who needs it?

A Teenage Perspective on Sunday School. By Shelly Pruitt, page 7
What's a Sunday school teacher for?

Coerced or Called? By Frank Engle, Jr., page 8
Making the most of volunteers

Allowing Your Sunday School to Grow. By Carol Williams, page 10
Is there a successful recipe for Sunday school growth?

Breathing Life into Adult Sunday School. By Celia Mueller, page 12
"We are too often limited in our thinking by what we've done before."

Pastors Value Sunday School. By Dorothy Barratt, page 13
Leaders evaluate Sunday school potential

Educational Ministries on Wednesday Night. By Margaret DeVol Mosher, page 14
What can you do when Sunday school doesn't succeed?

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Friends Write, 15
Speaking the Truth, 17
What About Our Friends? 18


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Evangelical Friend, September/October 1989 (Vol. 23, No. 1/2)