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The Miracle of the Incarnation. By Irv Brendlinger, page 2
Why has this simple truth caused so much controversy in the church?

What Can Friends Offer the City? By Marlene Pedigo, page 6
Are we resting on our laurels or living up to our heritage?

The Call to Urban Ministry. By Virginia O Phillips, page 8
How do we react when our mission field is right outside our church walls?

Finding Our Own Witnessing Style. By Gene Christian, page 11
Doing what comes naturally for the Kingdom

Must We Have Rules? By Lauren King, page 12
Is it possible to live a Christian life without them?

Husband and Wife Teamwork in Pastoral Ministry. By Larry Kinser, page 14
How integral is the spouse in your pastor's ministry?

Regular Features
Speaking the Truth, 4
Out of the Silence, 10
Friends Read, 16
What About Our Friends? 18


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Evangelical Friend, December 1988 (Vol. 22, No. 4)