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Running the Yellow Lights. By Charles Mylander, page 2
Is your marriage affair-proof?

A Call to Minister, Not to Escape. By Bernie Wiebe, page 6
Who are we to think we can minister to AIDS victims?

A Friends Concern. By Joy Poor, page 8
The new leprosy

Quakers Are Different. By Jack L. Willcuts, page 11
A peek into what the "original Quakers" have become

Pastor, We Need You. By John Ryser, page 12
Is there a modern substitute for this time-honored vocation?

Stephen Grellet: Are We Following His Example? By Tim Hagen, page 14
How much do you know about his part in our Quaker heritage?

The Life of New Beginnings. By John P Williams, page 15
No matter what age, change is essential to growth.

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Friends Read, 17
What About Our Friends? 19
Out of Silence, 28


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Evangelical Friend, October 1988 (Vol. 22, No. 2)