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Why the World Needs Evangelical Quakerism. By John Punshon, page 4
Is our heritage really crucial to our ministry?

Apples of Gold. By Arthur O. Roberts, page 6
Discovering the value - past, present, and future - of EVANGELICAL FRIEND

Scrapbook Gleanings. By Lucy Anderson, page 8
Highlights from our history ... Articles you may want to reread

Publishers of Truth, page 14
Three promising young writers you won't want to miss

Hope for Developing Nations. By Carlos Marroquin, page 18
Are the truths we take for granted more valuable than we realize?

Regular Features
Speaking the Truth, 2
To the Point, 3
WorldWinds, 11
A Certain Shaft of Light, 12
Friends Read, 13
Hot off the FAX, 20
What About Our Friends? 21


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Evangelical Friend, July/August 1994 (Vol. 27, No. 6)