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Vitality in Worship. By Ron Woodward, page 2
Are you ready for an encounter with the living God?

Festival or Carnival. By Cary J. Youmans, page 6
Worship is a celebration. Are we celebrating the right things?

Good for Your Health; Hazardous to Your Socks. By Rick Sams, page 10
Going to church could be as important to wellness as going to your doctor.

Risking Community. By Melanie Weidner Watson, page 12
It won't "just happen," but you can help create it.

Centering Prayer. By Jannelle W. Loewen, page 14
"Creativity flourishes not in certainty, but in questions."

A Quarter Century of Change. By Cliff Loesch, page 16
For 25 years she's taken the pulse of Christian Education.

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Evangelical Friend, May/June 1994 (Vol. 27, No. 5)